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Chabad at TCNJ strives to be your “Jewish Home-Away-From-Home.” We offer traditional Friday night services and dinners, an active holiday outreach program and regularly host guest lecturers. We provide other social, educational, recreational, and spiritual programming for students. Our Chabad is a place where students can socialize with friends, food and discussion. It is an opportunity for all Jewish students to enrich their experiences in all aspects of their college career and a place where they can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their Jewish heritage, a resource for Jewish life-cycle events and a beacon of tradition to the local community. One of the hallmarks of Chabads on Campus–including Chabad at TCNJ–is our acceptance of all Jews, regardless of religious background and affiliation. Chabad’s doors are open to every single Jew and to every single human being.

Shabbat Dinner is held every Friday night at 6:30 pm in the Chabad House. 

Shabbat Lunch is held every Saturday at 1:00 pm.

The Directors of Chabad at TCNJ and of the Chabad Jewish Student Center are Rabbi Kivi and Mrs. Zeesy Greenbaum. They live full-time at the Chabad Jewish Student Center with their family, providing support, inspiration, and guidance to the Jewish community at TCNJ. They can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 646.701.2202.

Our faculty advisor, Dr. Harold Eickhoff, has been an incredible asset to our organization. Past president of The College of New Jersey and currently a “Distinguished Professor of the Humanities” at the College, Dr. Eickhoff has been one of Chabad’s most vocal supporters and active advocates. We are truly indebted to his efforts on behalf of Chabad at TCNJ.

Rabbi Kivi Greenbaum
44 Chancey Ave.
Ewing, NJ 08638-1602

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Harold Eickhoff, 609.771.3288

Our honorary advisor, Dr. Michael Robertson, has worked tirelessly with Chabad since its inception. In addition to his work with Chabad, Dr. Robertson serves as President of the Faculty Senate.

Our Student Executive Board is happy to address any concerns or questions that prospective or current students may have.

Student Executive Board:

President: Rebecca Goldberg


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