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Religious & Spiritual Life functions to provide an open and collaborative environment in which members of the campus community can nourish their spirits as well as pursue religious inquiry and practice.

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fabric wrapped gifts | DIY holiday gifts
6 DIY holiday gift ideas for when budgets are tight

Budgets may be a little tighter this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the gift exchange with your loved ones—these affordable DIY holiday gifts work for any budget.

Posted on Dec 02 2020
illustration of protest signs: recognize your privileges and use your privileges | how to create an inclusive campus
Ask the psychologist: “How can an individual who is not a minority help make the campus community more inclusive?”

Learn how to be a better ally to marginalized students on campus.

Posted on Dec 02 2020
top view of person with credit card and laptop | how to establish good credit
How to establish good credit while in college (and why you should)

How important is credit, really? And how do you go about getting it? Here are three ways to start establishing your credit score while in college (and why you should).

Posted on Nov 25 2020

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