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Religious & Spiritual Life functions to provide an open and collaborative environment in which members of the campus community can nourish their spirits as well as pursue religious inquiry and practice.

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two roommates watching TV and eating popcorn | | personal space
4 ways to create personal space when you live with roommates

Living with others? Here are some tips for creating personal space, managing distractions, and keeping the peace.

Posted on Sep 07 2022
Depressed man on bed at home | self harm prevention
Understanding self-harm and strategies for coping with emotional pain

When emotional pain becomes too much, some people may turn to self-harm to cope. Getting to the root of why self-harm feels like the only option can lead to healthier ways of handling life’s stressors.

Posted on Sep 07 2022
woman stretching outdoors
Take your workout outside with this quick and effective bodyweight routine

Summer is a great excuse to move your workout outdoors. Take advantage of the nice weather with these bodyweight exercises.

Posted on Sep 07 2022

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