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Religious & Spiritual Life functions to provide an open and collaborative environment in which members of the campus community can nourish their spirits as well as pursue religious inquiry and practice.

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wood bench by scenic lake | forest bathing benefits
Why and how to spend more time in nature for your health

Mindfully engaging with nature (aka “forest bathing”) has numerous benefits for both body and mind. Here’s how to practice forest bathing, including if you lack safe access to green space.

Posted on Apr 21 2021
woman with head on kitchen counter, pouring coffee and missing mug | causes of feeling tired all the time
Ask the doc: "Why do I always feel tired?"

Getting enough sleep and still feeling tired all the time? Here are some possible causes.

Posted on Apr 21 2021
Black male in gym with sore neck | avoid workout injury tips
FitnessU: Tips to avoid workout injuries

Proper form is everything when it comes to avoiding workout injuries. Our trainer shares tips to protect your body when working out.

Posted on Apr 21 2021

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