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Tips for Self-Guided Awareness of Breath Meditation

  • Have a regular quiet spot to practice.
  • Have a consistent time, if possible.
  • Set a predetermined period of time.
  • Use a timer.
  • Start with 5 – 10 minutes then add time.
  • Sit on chair (feet flat on ground) or on pillow (with legs crossed on floor) back straight, shoulders relaxed.
  • Sitting in a position that Invites alertness and awareness.
  • Take three long deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth, allowing your mind to settle.  Then allow your breath to flow naturally.
  • Become attuned to your breath as it goes in and out.
  • Be alert to thoughts and sensations.
  • Acknowledge thoughts, feelings and sensations and let them go, without judgment.
  • Adjust your position if necessary.
  • Keep coming back to the breath.
  • Notice the breath as it enters and leaves you body.
  • Experience the breath from moment to moment, with a sense of curiosity.
  • Remember that you can always return to the breath wherever you are and whatever you are doing.