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Online Mindfulness

Online Mindfulness Meditation Opportunities | Spring 2020

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally bringing awareness and acceptance to moment to moment experience without judgment.  Through this practice we cultivate an awareness of our natural ability to concentrate and calm our minds. Mindfulness is a discipline that requires a commitment to practice regularly in order to train the mind to be less reactive and more stable.

Why Mindfulness?

It is easy at a time like this to get caught up with concerns about managing the present work/school/family situation as well as what the future might bring. The practice of mindfulness meditation can be very helpful in teaching us how to manage our often unruly and distracted minds.

Weekly Drop-In Online Opportunities:

Start Your Day with Mindfulness | Led by Lisa Caton, Director of Center for Mindfulness and Compassion



What to Expect?

These 30 minute sessions include a period of guided meditation as well as time for sharing and questions.

Preparing for the Mindfulness Sessions:

Find a quiet space without distractions. If you are at home it may be helpful to explain to family members what you are doing and to ask for their support and patience while you care for yourself in this way. It is important to choose a chair or cushion that enables you to sit in an upright position with ease.

Participants can choose whether to have the video component on or off.  It is also possible to mute sounds.  The buttons for both of these options are on the bottom left hand corner of the ZOOM screen.

*NEW* Improving Focus and Memory Skills Mindfulness Workshops for Summer Courses! Schedule a workshop for your class today! Email to chat with Lisa Caton about scheduling and workshops.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please email